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Our Lapierre Maple Farm Organic Maple Syrup is produced

in Quebec, Canada. Our maple syrup is a natural, delicious

and nutritious gift of nature. Proudly shared with you from

our sugar bush to your table.








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Honey is one of nature’s greatest foods! We are Peachey

Honey Farm who believe that fresh, local foods inspire

health & wellness. 








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Our fisheries have our own vessels, and multiple holding

facilities in Nova Scotia with a combined storage of live

lobsters to over 1 Million Pounds. We can provide live

lobsters year around even after the harvesting seasons.

Product forms: Live lobsters, fresh frozen lobsters,

cooked frozen lobsters or lobster meat





Our salmons are all farmed in clear and clean

cold seawater of Atlantic Canada. All of salmon

farmers achieve all four-star Best Aquaculture

Practices (BAP) status, showing that the salmon processing

plants, farm sites, hatcheries and feed mills are all BAP

certified by the Global Aquaculture Alliance. With a

combined salmon product over 30,000 tons per year, we can provide fresh never frozen or fresh frozen salmon all year long.

Product forms: Whole (fresh or frozen), fillets (fresh or frozen), steaks(fresh or frozen)




The Canadian world-famous Malpeque oysters are

known for its finest and clean sharp taste.  Our PEI

oyster farmers can harvest and produce over 1

million pounds PEI Malpeque oysters every year.

Product forms: in-shell(fresh or frozen),

shucked(fresh or frozen)




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Our beef product comes from Canadian cattle farms.

Our cattle is grass and/or grain-fed and raised in the

beautiful natural landscape of Canada. The quality of

beef products is second to none. We work directly with

farmers and food packers to ensure high quality and yet

low cost.  

Product forms: frozen bulk pack, frozen

retail packages-steak, sirloin, ground etc.