authentic                             family farmed                           naturally healthy                         no additives


amber rich taste                                               dark robust taste

  Lapierre 100% Organic Pure Maple Syrup                                   Lapierre 100% Organic Pure Maple Syrup

   Grade A Amber Rich Taste, 250ml                                                   Grade A Dark RobustTaste, 250ml



730882_True_Bee_Honey             Creamedhoney_large            RAWhoney_large              

      Truebee Honey                            Truebee Creamed Honey              Truebee Raw Honey               Truebee Buckwheat Honey

Canada No1. White Honey           Canada No1. White Honey         Canada No1. White Honey          Canada No1. Amber Honey





Articfara Foods Limited is a Canada corporation specialized in

exporting premium quality Canadian food and North American food. 


Our headquarter is in Ottawa – the capital city of Canada.

The company was founded in 2015, a new Canadian International Food Company.

Our services include export seafood, meat, honey, maple syrup etc. worldwide.


We work with Canadian local farmers, fisheries and food producers directly.

We can offer premium quality foods and best possible pricing to our international customers.


Our principle is “customers are always the first priority”.

We hope to build and develop more food trading business partners.



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